7 Areas to Ensure Your Operation is Prepared for a PHMSA Audit

Which of these 7 areas do you find the most important for a successful audit?


FINAL RULE: PHMSA is revising the Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations applicable to most newly constructed and entirely replaced onshore gas transmission, Type A gas gathering, and hazardous liquid pipelines with diameters of 6 inches or greater. This final rule establishes requirements for rupture-mitigation valve spacing, maintenance and inspection, and risk analysis. The effective date of […]

Mandatory Inspections 2022

Mandatory Inspections 2022 – Are you prepared? The Pipes Act of 2020, Section 114, contains new self-executing mandate requiring operators to update their inspection and maintenance plans to address eliminating hazardous leaks and minimizing releases of natural gas from their pipeline facilities. The new requirements apply to all operators of all regulated pipeline facilities, including […]

Risk Management

Third Party line strikes is one of the leading causes of pipeline accidents/incidents. EnServ offers operators streamlined solutions to enhance the safety of the public and excavators working near or around pipeline facilities. On Call filtering/Screening Line Locating/Marking Procedures Excavation/Backfill Procedures Program Management Annual Reviews   As a relatively new federal and state requirement, EnServ offers […]

Project Management

EnServ’s project management consulting focus on delivering high quality, consistent results for clients on projects of any form, shape, or size. Offerings include: Contractor and site coordination Schedule and budget tracking Project critical path analysis Progress auditing and reporting Contractor qualification and training Construction auditing Permitting Project risk analysis

Manual/Procedure Development

EnServ develops pipeline specific manuals and operating procedures for both hazardous liquids and gas operators covering both upstream and midstream operators. EnServ strives to develop manuals that maintain compliance with applicable regulatory standards (Federal and State), while allowing operators maximum flexibility and functionality to operate their facilities and pipelines. The following are site specific manuals […]

Integrity Management

As the regulatory landscape changes EnServ offers both Hazardous Liquids and Natural Gas operators’ solutions to maintain compliance with Federal and State standards. With extensive knowledge and experience developing and implementing solutions for clients, EnServ offers a wide variety of services: High Consequence Area Analysis and Class Location Studies Overland Spill Modelling Overwater Spill Modelling […]

Inspection and Testing

EnServ provides a wide variety of inspection and testing services for operators to maintain compliance with both natural gas and hazardous liquids regulations. Annual Report Filing Atmospheric Corrosion Surveys Cathodic Protection Readings Close Interval Surveys (CIS) Corrosion Coupon Monitoring Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey (DCVG) Exposed Pipe Inspection  In Line Inspections (ILIs)  Valve Inspections Internal […]

Hydrogen, RNG, and ESG Consulting

The EnServ Renewable Energy Team will build upon EnServ’s existing intellectual property in risk management, data, and operations to assist customers in understanding and ultimately reducing technical and operational risk in first-of-their-kind hydrogen deployments, RNG deployments, or when evaluating ESG compliance or goals. The team achieves this in a number of key areas: Planning Projects, […]

Drug and Alcohol

EnServ provides full-cycle management of drug and alcohol testing for all regulatory requirements including: Policy Development External audit preparation and representation for federal and state audits Internal audits on operator’s current program and records Annual reporting (PHMSA & DAMIS) Contractor D&A auditing to mitigate onsite risk Records management, retention, and auditing on testing facilities and […]