Our Services

Audit Support

EnServ aids operators in gathering and filing required regulatory reports.

Control Room Management

EnServ’s expertise in Control Room Management is unrivaled. 

Drug and Alcohol

EnServ provides full cycle management of drug and alcohol testing for all regulatory requirements.

Hydrogen, RNG, and ESG Consulting

The EnServ Renewable Energy Team will build upon EnServ’s existing intellectual property in risk management, data, and operations.

Inspection and Testing

EnServ provides a wide variety of inspection and testing services for operators to maintain compliance with both natural gas and hazardous liquids regulations.

Integrity Management

As the regulatory landscape changes EnServ offers both Hazardous Liquids and Natural Gas operators’ solutions to maintain compliance with Federal and State standards.

Manual/Procedure Development

EnServ develops pipeline specific manuals and operating procedures for both hazardous liquids and gas operators covering both upstream and midstream operators.

Project Management, Construction, and Quality Assurance

EnServ’s project management consulting focus on delivering high quality, consistent results for clients on projects of any form, shape, or size.

Risk Management

EnServ offers operators streamlined solutions to enhance the safety of the public and excavators working near or around pipeline facilities.

EnServ offers a variety of consulting services to help operators navigate the complex, confusing and often changing regulatory landscape. EnServ understands the basis for which the federal and state agencies develop and enforce these rules and regulations and strives to aid operators in understanding the nuances of this landscape.