Who We Are

Clients First. Integrity Always.


The core principle of EnServ's business is integrity. In this case, the term refers to EnServ employees, contractors, and interactions with clients - not EnServ's core business sector of pipeline integrity management. The business does not work without having the trust of our clients, regulatory bodies, and local officials. Honesty, accountability, and transparency are all pieces of the integrity equation.

Client Focus

EnServ provides a one-stop-shop for all compliance and regulatory needs. The range of consulting services are designed to focus on specific client near-term and long-term needs. Often, clients hire EnServ for a specific task and, over time, end up adding all compliance areas once they have worked with EnServ for some time. This speaks volumes to EnServ's client focused approach as well as the capability and hands-on nature of EnServ's experts.

Forward Thinking

In a continually changing energy and regulatory landscape, EnServ has the tools to stay agile and on the forefront of every service they provide. The team strives to stay up to date on the latest regulations and requirements within the energy market. Automation, data analytics, and consolidation of processes allows EnServ to be cost competitive while delivering the highest quality results within the industry.

Through the excellence of our people, we strive to achieve 100% compliance while cutting operational costs.


Our Vision is to be the leading consulting and compliance company in the oil, gas, hydrogen, and RNG markets – a sought after strategic partner, helping our clients reach the ultimate goal of 100% compliance.

Formed in 2019, EnServ’s area of expertise includes regulatory compliance, integrity management, risk management, control room operations, I&E support, and ESG compliance. 

EnServ’s portfolio includes customers in the conventional oil and gas industry, the growing renewable natural gas sector, and the emerging hydrogen market.

EnServ offers a one-stop-shop for testing, compliance, operation, and everything in-between. A variety of services are available including general consulting services, inspection & testing, manual development, reporting & auditing, drug and alcohol compliance, construction auditing and management, safety & qualification, and prevention & storage.

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Striving for 100% compliance while cutting operational costs is the goal of all EnServ’s activities and EnServ sees it as a responsibility to ensure these goals are achieved. EnServ offers clients unique and tailored solutions to a wide variety of compliance issues.

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