Hydrogen, RNG, and ESG Consulting


The EnServ Renewable Energy Team will build upon EnServ’s existing intellectual property in risk management, data, and operations to assist customers in understanding and ultimately reducing technical and operational risk in first-of-their-kind hydrogen deployments, RNG deployments, or when evaluating ESG compliance or goals. The team achieves this in a number of key areas:

Planning Projects, Matchmaking, Engineering Reality Checks

The EnServ team provides project management and subject matter expert services that allows customers to integrate the EnServ team from the start of their project. EnServ expertise in the hydrogen, RNG, and ESG space will help set expectations for performance, safety, cost, timeline, and overall expectations for any project.

Much of the interest in the renewable energy market stems from the potential of hydrogen and RNG to bridge the electricity and fuels markets. Often this leads to companies that haven’t historically collaborated to work together. The EnServ team can assist with matchmaking and coordination between entities exploring the hydrogen market.

Systems Integration, Optimization, and Acquisitions Due Diligence

EnServ’s team can help customers understand how components and sub-systems come together in a broader energy system, assisting customers in understanding where potential capital and O&M cost savings can be made without sacrificing system performance. A full value chain systems integration approach to design is needed in the emerging markets where costs can by high. The EnServ team can support reviews of quotes, system designs, or proposals to ensure customers have weighed technical risk along with cost risks.

Risk Management, Instrumentation and Data, ESG Compliance

Managing technical risk is never easy in new markets – it takes a combination of planning, data, and continuous improvement of operations. The EnServ team can help customers reduce technical risk on deployments by leveraging their experience in systems integration and risk management. The goal is to help customers reach a standard of zero safety incidents while maintaining high systems uptime and reliability. Early detection of potential failures leads to scheduled maintenance over reactive maintenance. The EnServ team will work side by side with their customers on adding key instrumentation to detect failures early. EnServ’s data management system will compile and summarize data for customers – simplifying the process of understanding how a system is performing. EnServ can serve as a third-party evaluator of ESG compliance and goals related to a given hydrogen or RNG project.

Project Management and Construction

EnServ offers construction and project management services to ensure projects are built and operating within a timely manner. Our team can coordinate the entire EPC process for our customers by obtaining permits, coordinating construction activities, commissioning the system, completing final safety checks, and getting the system to a safe operation.

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