Risk Management


Third Party line strikes is one of the leading causes of pipeline accidents/incidents. EnServ offers operators streamlined solutions to enhance the safety of the public and excavators working near or around pipeline facilities.

  • On Call filtering/Screening
  • Line Locating/Marking Procedures
  • Excavation/Backfill Procedures
  • Program Management
  • Annual Reviews  

As a relatively new federal and state requirement, EnServ offers a unique knowledge base to aid natural gas storage operators navigate the infancy stages of these regulations. With insight and knowledge on both API RP 1170 and API RP 1171, EnServ can help operators get up to speed on these regulations.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Program Review and Auditing
  • Site Specific Procedure Review and Auditing
  • Risk Modeling for Wells, Reservoir and Surface Facilities
  • Third Party Activity Reviews  

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